Monday, April 17, 2006

oops we did it again

stayed at a hotel during the lenten break. but at least we kept it at an overnight stay. the truth is, for some reason our favored destinations were fully booked. we took it as a reassurance that they truly are favored destinations. not just ours nga lang. so away from the beach once again.

the only difference this time is that our youngest, kaya, decided to improve her swimming skills. and improve she did (i turn on my proud mama voice from this point) - before we went home she had learned how to float on her back using a kickboard. she would hold it on top of her belly like a pillow and just float away. then she decided she wanted more mobility so she mustered the arm floats. now she can keep afloat and see where she's going or what or who she could bump into. we're so thrilled watching her.

it reminds me of marlee, our eldest who when she was around four years old, after watching lilo and stitch didn't want to be confined to a floater. that's when she spent hours imitating lilo swim under water. she was a success. up till now every chance she gets she enjoys the water (as the pool depth would allow her).

what can i say? i've got water babies.

summer's not over and hopefully they'll get more chances to free their innner mermaids.


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