Wednesday, April 05, 2006

late warning (mercury in retro in retro)

i don't know when i started the habit of looking at a calendar every new year to see on what day the following occasions would fall: (1) my birthday; (2) christmas; (3) new year; (4) my crush's birthday (this was like years ago. think college days) and (5) since i have my own family- their birthdays.

then in the past few years, i started checking out not just these occasions, but a particular occurrence which happens three times every year, for a period of three weeks.

mercury retrograde.

it has a schedule. can you believe it? the first for this year has just passed and looking back, i'm glad our computer survived it. although our monitor did turn yellow for a day or two. it's quite benign compared to previous retrogrades where the computer simply conked out on us.

indeed, keeping attuned to these cosmic occurrences help me understand that there certainly are things that are beyond us. aside from the fact that it gives me and others like me who are "in the know" perfect excuses for our laziness.


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