Tuesday, March 15, 2005

hell week-ender

it's always tough. finishing the design and layout of not just one but two books in less than five days. yes, it can be achieved. but not without aging 5 years within that short period from all the stress and tension. of course it doesn't help if you feel you're not fairly compensated for all the work you put into it. but sadly, NGOs in this part of the world operate that way. they expect you to come out with a book-layout-while-you-wait and still have the nerve to haggle you with your professional fee. really, i thought i was through with working with people like them. but sometimes, you come to think about it, these people have good causes, and most of their advocacies, i believe in or at least, i sympathize with. like i said, it's tough. but it's a living.


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