Tuesday, April 04, 2006

happy anniversary!

as pcij's institutional blog celebrates its first anniversary today, i realized that i missed mine over two month's ago. it is so embarrassing that my blog's first anniversary is marked by, hehe, inactivity. almost a year of that, actually.

i don't know why. it's like i have been sucked into a time-space-warp that took me away from this blog for almost a year. speaking of time-space-warps, did you know that shaider has reinvented himself minus annie his sidekick and the memorable monster supplying aliens who coined the phrase, "time space warp, ngayon din!"? i can't say i like the makeover. he looks more like the front of a car now. well, more on that some other time (i actually have an intention to talk about that?).

so its been more than a year and another one ahead. great. the presssurrrre.

i think i will write more this time. unless another time-space-warp beckons.


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