Wednesday, April 12, 2006

caution: i'm pms

i see a curly strand of hair sticking to the bar of soap and instantly, i fume. in my mind i picture myself throwing that bar of soap to the owner of that curly hair. some of the most scathing remarks come to my mind that i would hurl to that curly-haired fellow while explaining why he should have the decency to remove unwanted hairs clinging to a communal soap. i think of all his habits that annoy me and suddenly i feel like i've had it, it's time to call it quits.

a few seconds pass as i clutch the soap dish, ready to be aimed at Curlylocks. i sigh, put the soap dish back then patiently remove curly top's hair off the soap. all thoughts of an impending break-up vaporize.

in a week's time i will have my menstrual period. unquestionably, i am pre-menstrual.

for the unenlightened, pms or pre-menstrual syndrome is the time of month when females are best kept happy, however inhumanly possible. which means staying out of their way but letting them know they are truly loved in every way, letting them indulge in their cravings but heaven forbid telling them they seem to be getting a wee bit more plump, it's giving them a chance to take a break by just keeping the place clean even for a few minutes or simply volunteering to wash the dishes for a change.

should the unfortunate event arise that you have to let her know you have a different opinion from hers, brace yourself. and be absolutely sure of the number of occasions you forgot to put down the toilet seat. it's sure to come up. among other misdeeds. it's going to be a long haul ahead, so best to think twice about that contrary opinion. or best still, if you could manage it, just shut up.

asking too much you'd (dare) say? admittedly, i'd agree. perhaps even in a perfect world that would be too much to ask. then a little understanding may be the key. for myself, if i am easily irritated than usual, then i send warning to the object of my annoyance - and he then relays this to the offspring and, they try to do their best. most times, they fail, i fail. but at least, with understanding, the quick temper is tempered.

i am nowhere near menopausal (a different ball game altogether), i will be pms-ing for quite some time still. i wonder if one day i can find a way to reverse its manifestations. instead of anger, i will find myself laughing more easily, though hopefully not hysterically.

and when that stray strand of curly hair finds itself trapped on the bar of soap, i will simply smile as i free it. anyway, the way they keep getting stuck in almost every place in the house - it may be the last of its kind.

for those who'd like to take handling pms more seriously, here are some sites to chew on:
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