Thursday, July 06, 2006


i don't know why some people still keep pets when their actions clearly show they don't really want one.

our neighbor (oh no, not another
neighbor) who lives across us, owns two dogs. everyday, he finds out his dogs have soiled their cage (it is quite a cramped cage for two adult dogs) which would upset him, always. he would now start muttering and shouting to the dogs about how baboy (pig-like) they are, how they never learn and a host of other invectives the dogs wouldn't understand* anyway (or maybe they could sense it). as he proceeds to clean their cage, i would hear a few yelps from the dogs as they are most likely hit or slapped by angry owner.

and this happens
everyday. the unhappiness of these dogs are clearly evident in their appearance. they have thinning fur, exposing skin that is almost covered with sores and blisters. when they are led out of the cage one at a time for a walk, this sense of "freedom" must be so overwhelming to the dog as it scrambles away, dragging its owner behind.

i cannot say that this pet owner is entirely bad. he seems to be quite dutiful in keeping their cage clean and taking the dogs for brief walks. unfortunately, pet-keeping and its daunting tasks may be too much for him. especially with an unrealistic view that a dog has excellent bladder and poop control that can hold for hours until his next walk. and of course, that a life inside a cramped cage is what a dog deserves.

i am contemplating on sending an anonymous letter to my neighbor that would contain humane pet ownership and effective dog-training tips. i hope this would help in making the dogs' lives better and more stress-free. and maybe his life too.

several sites on pet care:
veterinary petcare
peta companion animals

*a current favorite gary larson cartoon about a scientist's discovery on what barking dogs are actually saying (coming soon)


  • Hey, mira. I think you should do it. Not bathe the dogs, ha, but send your neighbor that anonymous letter! I do not consider myself a dog lover (although we have 3 dogs at home: Spike the pitbull, Poopoo the half-askal, half Jap spitz, and most recently, Midnight the 2-month old Labrador- all pets of my brother, hehe) but I do agree that pets deserve decent, if not loving care from their owners...

    By Blogger Witay, at 5:19 PM  

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