Wednesday, July 05, 2006

lethargy of the word

the funny thing about blogging is that you have to assume that somebody actually reads what you write, which gives you some kind of responsibility to post something — something at par with the ones you've already written, for your "loyal" reader/s.

the past weeks since my last post i have been urging myself to write the blog entries i've been composing in my mind. unfortunately, they have all been kept at bay either by pressing tasks or more urgent laziness.

i am quite tired of using the current mercury retrograde as an excuse, but if far more powerful forces are at work here, why resist? in fact, i started this post yesterday but i'm quite optimistic i will finish it today with a bit of satisfaction that it came out the way i planned.

it was a surprise to me when two weeks ago, my inbox contained this article from the webmd newsletter: "the positive power of daydreaming". this to me is almost akin to a scientific/medical breakthrough. finally, there is an attempt to understand the true inner workings of a human body that does not necessarily conform to race track settings or minute-by-minute account of things accomplished. to me, one is not necessarily "recharged" by a one-hour lunch break or even an eight-hour sleep. putting-off for tomorrow what you can do today may simply mean gearing up for a more inspired burst of productivity or creativity for the next days to come. not everything has to happen now. even the masters, the geniuses often stared blankly or indulged in less productive endeavors. but look what came next.

i've often assured my friend who's a writer that doing nothing or something else despite a pressing deadline is in fact part of the creative process.

so coming out with this blog post can only mean one thing. i have had my rest.


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