Thursday, April 27, 2006

"Prayer. The last refuge of a scoundrel."

gloria arroyo's eyes are shut. she is down on her knees, her arms outstretched beside her in utmost surrender.

if you think this is a scene where gloria macapagal-arroyo has, in some manner of divine intervention, admitted to all her wrongdoings, and with utmost humility and remorse, asks the nation for forgiveness — think again.

gma is simply in prayer. or a pose in the guise of a prayer.

i wonder how people like her or george bush have the audacity to call on God or claim to hear the voice of God, as if by by merely saying so their evil deeds are justified. in fact, it's when they are faced with the most damaging criticisms that people like them turn to prayer or their version of some kind of spirituality. then it is no wonder that they hear voices. as to the source of that voice, your guess is as good as mine.

the title of this post, courtesy of lisa simpson.


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